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Community Service Project Form 

Attention College Students: We are looking forward to our annual Summer College Student Volunteer program at Raritan Bay Medical Center.  This program is especially designed to allow you to experience the day-to-day operations of a healthcare system, while serving your community.  We ask for a minimum commitment of 40 hours before September 1 (once a week for a 5 hour shift).  The program will run from May 1 – August 31.  Apply today, as there are limited positions (15) available at either Perth Amboy / Old Bridge.  Please note: no shadowing positions are available.   Participants must be ready to start by June 11th

Applications for summer 2019 will be accepted from December 1 through March 16.  Each applicant must complete an application to be considered, then attend the mandatory orientation on May 29th and meet all of the requirements (2- step Mantoux tuberculin skin test, two personal references, medical clearance form). All paperwork must be submitted by May 29th.   Volunteer placements will be finalized by June 10th.

Letter of Recommendation will be provided upon completion of the minimum required hours (40).

Please download the adult volunteer application and return to the volunteer office or fax: 732.324-6079.

To apply for a volunteer position, call the Volunteer Services Department at 732.324.5006 between the hours of 9 am – 5 pm, Monday through Friday or email

Volunteers Make a Difference!

Raritan Bay Medical Center volunteers are generous individuals who bring comfort, caring and assistance to patients and staff at the medical center’s Perth Amboy and Old Bridge locations. More than 500 volunteers share their time and talents each year.

As a volunteer, you are sure to find personal satisfaction in knowing that you are making a difference to others. In addition, you may form new friendships, acquire job experience, and perhaps explore a healthcare career.

Raritan Bay Medical Center volunteers assist and enhance the daily activities of the medical center. While duties and responsibilities vary, every volunteer assignment is an important and keenly appreciated service. Volunteers assist in the following areas:
• Ambassador (Guest Relations)
• Dietary
• Emergency Room
• Gift Shop (Old Bridge only)
• Golden Spoons: Patient Feeding Program
• Information Desk
• Library Cart
• Medical Records
• Nursing Administration
• Nursing Units
• Pharmacy
• Physical Therapy
• Outpatient Lab
• Pastoral Care
• Pet Therapy
• Staff Development
• Volunteer Services

Volunteers provide a vital customer service link to our patients and visitors, and assist staff in more than 25 different departments at our two locations. Thanks to their dedicated commitment of time and talent, we are able to offer patients, visitors, and employees extra support. Our volunteers’ roles are varied, and include, for example: greeting patients and visitors; providing patient escort and transport; helping with food service; managing the library cart; and providing clerical and reception assistance.

The program will give you the opportunity to experience the day-to-day operation of the healthcare system as well as serving those in the community. We ask for a four-hour commitment once a week. You will be given an assignment that you will report to every week on the same day at the same time, to build your schedule around your volunteer commitment.

To apply for a volunteer position, call the Volunteer Services Department at 732.324.5006 between the hours of 9 am – 5 pm, Monday through Friday or email


Time Commitment – Most volunteers are scheduled for 3-4 hours per week, but scheduling is flexible based on individual needs. Adult Volunteers generally work four hours a week during morning, afternoon, evening or weekend shifts.  We ask a three-hour commitment once a week (Monday –Friday, 4:00 pm-7:00 pm only) from Junior Volunteers. Volunteers are needed for morning, afternoon, and evening shifts seven days per week.  Junior volunteers are assigned weekday hours for their 30 weeks of service. Applications for adults are accepted year round.  Application sessions and orientations are done on a monthly basis. Junior volunteers are accepted year round for a 30-week commitment.

Orientation and Training – All volunteers must attend the Volunteer Services’ orientation program before beginning their assignments.

Mantoux Tests – NJ State regulations require that all new volunteers have a two-step Mantoux tuberculin skin test before they are assigned to a volunteer position in the medical center.  You may have this test done by your own healthcare provider or you may have it done through the Employee Health department of RBMC.  The Mantoux test and test readings are offered at no cost to the volunteer.

Medical Clearance-is required for all Adult volunteers; all junior volunteers must provide an immunization record.

Personal reference – Two personal references are required (No Relatives)

Background Checks- Are done on all adult volunteers prior to the start day.

Dress Code – Volunteer uniforms are provided by the medical center for use while you are volunteering with us.  A $15.00 payment (for Juniors) and $30.00 (for Adults) deposit is required for the jacket/shirt.

Benefits – Volunteers are provided with a meal allowance (up to $5.00); free parking while volunteering; and annual free screening for tuberculosis and flu shot.

Junior Volunteers

Program Requirements:

  1. Must be between the ages of 16 – 18 and in High School
  2. Must have attended the Junior Volunteer orientation.
  3. Complete an application (please note Junior Volunteer application is available online)
  4. Have your school guidance counselor fill out and return the guidance recommendation form.
  5. Must provide an immunization record.

Download Junior Volunteer Application

Service Requirements:

  • A three-hour commitment once a week (Monday –Friday 4:00 pm-7:00 pm only).
  • A 60-hour minimum is mandatory in order to receive any kind of signed documentation affirming volunteer hours. There will be no signed documentation of any kind prior to the 60 hour commitment (Including National Honor Society or community services hours for school).
  • Junior volunteers are accepted year round for a 30-week commitment.

Volunteers should consider other activities before committing to the volunteer program, because Students absent more than three times consecutively will be dismissed from the program.

Due to the high volume of students in the program, Volunteer Services cannot accommodate changes to the schedule or department.

Who Should Apply – Students who are able to commit to the service requirements; interested in serving their community, and interested in learning more about the medical field.

Who Should Not Apply – Students who are under the age of 16 or cannot commit to the 60 hour minimum or the weekly 4-7 pm time schedule. Students looking to volunteer for less than 60 hours.

Pet Therapy

Pet therapy is available to patients in order to provide a more home-like atmosphere and to reduce the stress and anxiety associated with hospitalization.

All pet therapy dogs shall be required to meet all behavioral and physical certification requirements prior to becoming a Raritan Bay Medical Center volunteer through one of the recognized Pet Therapy programs (TDI or Bright and Beautiful).

The program started in 2003 and has grown and continued until today. More than 25 dogs of various breeds, ages and size, have been part of the RBMC pet therapy program since 2003.

To provide patients the opportunity to interact with dogs during their hospitalization to improve their emotional and social status. Pets will not visit patients with allergies to animals.

  • Pet must have met all behavioral and physical certification requirement of Raritan Bay Medical Center
  • Extroverted, mature, positive, service-oriented individual
  • Caring and friendly manner

If you have a certified dog and want to become a Pet Therapy volunteer, kindly contact the volunteer office at (732) 324-5006 or email

Community Service

Community Service is reserved for individuals who do not meet the minimum age requirement to volunteer, or need less than the minimum required volunteer hours in order to fulfill their community service requirements. Below are service projects you can complete and the number of hours you can gain. Service hours cannot be applied to more to one community service need. If you have more than one commitment that you need community service hours for, you will need to choose more than one project. You can choose more than one project to fulfill your community service hours.

1. Bibles

We are accepting bibles (English & Spanish) to provide for our patients. Large print preferred. (Please only new or gently used bibles. We will not accept bibles that have been written in.)

Bibles Quantity Hours Received
English Bibles 10 2
Spanish Bibles 10 2

2. Activity Packet Supplies

Activity packets are used to entertain children who are patients in the hospital as well as children who visit the hospital with a parent or guardian. These packets are assembled by our volunteers and given out free of charge.  If you would like to help provide the supplies for our activity packs below you will find a list of items we need:

Items Needed Quantity Required To Receive Points Hours Received
Crayons (New : 4, 8, 12 or 16 pack) 5 1
Coloring Books (for boys and girls) 5 1
Books (Ages 2-13) (Gently Used & New) 10 1
Magazines (Children & Teen Only) 10 1
Activity/ puzzle books 5 1
Craft Kits (Foam, Wood, Etc.) 10 1
Miniature puzzles (No more than 20pcs) 5 1

 Please remember these items are going to children, some who may be hospitalized. The items must be new or in good condition (Books, magazines, activity or coloring books that have been written in will not be accepted). You will not receive points for items that cannot be used.

3. Magazines

Magazines are used to stock our book and magazine cart for patients and visitors. The agreement for this project is as follows:

  • You will collect appropriate magazines and drop them off at the medical center in Perth Amboy. Please call ahead to make sure our staff is available to accept the delivery.
  • Magazines must be new, or gently used. Magazines that do not fit the requirements will not be accepted.
Magazines Quantity Hours Received
English 20 1
Spanish 20 2
Language other than Spanish 10 1


  1. Participants must fill out and submit the community service form to the Volunteer Services office before starting.
  2. You will have 8 weeks from the date on your application to complete your community service project. If you are in need of more time you must contact Volunteer Services one week prior to your deadline.
  3. Please contact the Volunteer Services office if you plan to discontinue the project at any time. If we do not hear from you by the end of the eight week period your community service project will be considered invalid.
  4. You must commit to at least 10 community service hours. Letters of completion will only be furnished once you complete your hours. There is a maximum of 30 community service hours per calendar year.
  5. All community service project items must be dropped off at the Volunteer Services office located at: 530 New Brunswick Ave, Perth Amboy, New Jersey 08857. Phone: 732-324-5006.

Please call ahead to make sure our staff is available to accept the delivery.

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