“For many years, I had so much to do every day that there wasn’t much time to worry about myself. Finally I decided I had to focus on getting healthy. Since my weight loss surgery, I’ve lost 157 pounds and reached my goal weight. Yay!” Kathleen, 39, mother of five, Gastric Bypass

“Weight loss surgery is not a miracle cure. But if you work hard at it, you too will see amazing results. Trust me, I know. I’ve seen it happen to both my son and me!” Deborah, 52

“I’m almost half of who I used to be. My pant size dropped from a 56- to a 36-inch waist. Before, people looked at me as a big heavy blob and now they see me as an energetic young man.” Brian, 26

“It’s been a year since my surgery at Raritan Bay Medical Center. I started at 427 pounds and have dropped 152 pounds so far. I am so psyched to keep losing. Best thing I ever did!” Lauren, Sleeve Gastrectomy

“Since my operation, my doctor has taken me off the medications I needed for diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. My sleep apnea condition is also a distant (bad) memory.” To help Scott stay on track, he attends Raritan Bay Medical Center’s monthly bariatric support group meeting. Scott, 46, Sleeve Gastrectomy

“At 300 pounds, I had type 2 diabetes. After losing the weight, my doctor told me my numbers looked like someone who never had this disease and I no longer need medication. I am still enjoying the shocked looks I get from people who haven’t seen me in a while.” James, 48 Gastric Bypass

“The care I received was beyond my expectations. I’ve been a patient at several other hospitals in the area, but the nurses, clinicians and staff at Raritan Bay really cared about me and they treated my family with respect. Dr. Adeyari’s staff and everyone who played a role in my care were just great.” Curtis, 50.

“I was tired of taking medications for diabetes, high cholesterol and blood pressure every day, not to mention how expensive it was. Now, after my bariatric procedure, I’ve lost 45 pounds and am off almost all my medications. I have completely eliminated the need to take medication for my diabetes and cholesterol. I wish I had this done 10 years ago. I no longer take an antidepressant, which I did when my weight and poor health made me feel really down. Dr. Adeyeri still follows my progress.” Maryellen.

“Now that I’m 75 pounds lighter, I see that Dr. Adeyeri made the right choice for my age and health situation. Weight loss surgery offered so many more benefits than I expected. I went into the surgery just to lose the weight but I also get around more easily, feel stronger, and actually enjoy exercising (at 65-years-old). My asthma has improved significantly and I can do everyday things like shopping, going to the movies, and visiting my brothers and sisters. I would lose my balance and fall all the time. Now I can live a normal life and really enjoy my retirement. Life has never been better.” Patrick, 65.

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